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Dog Adoption Games

Discussion in 'Dog Health, Nutrition, Food & Grooming' started by SheralLynn, Feb 26, 2013.

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    SheralLynn New Member

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    Hello Everyone,

    Dog adoption games can be great for children or anyone who is considering getting a dog and trying to learn what it will take. These adoption games allow users to feed, water, play with and maintain their dogs in a fun way without any of the training problems. Some games teach players the important facts they need before buying a dog, and other games allow users to breed dogs for cute puppies.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sheral Lynn

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    gspal New Member

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    Dog adoption is great only if the adoption center gives a full blood and urine test report along with medical history and, preferably parental history. However, most have a policy "take it as it is or leave it". I made a mistake. I got Bozo from Animal Ashram, Lucknow, because we liked each other. However, just six months later I found that the poor guy has kidney and bladder stones for which there is no allopathy cure. Homeopathy is only palliative. The only radical cure is surgery and that can only be done at IVRI, Izzatnagar, Bareily, U.P. but then the poor chap is now not a good candidate for surgery. It has never been too playful because of this renal impairment and has developed early cataract. So, please be cautious before adopting.

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