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Older Dog Health Problems

Discussion in 'Dog Health, Nutrition, Food & Grooming' started by SheralLynn, Mar 2, 2013.

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    SheralLynn New Member

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    Hello Member,

    As dogs become older, they develop body and mind changes affecting their lives. A dog is physically considered a senior when it is about two-thirds through a typical lifespan. This may be 8 or 9 years old for a large breed or 12 years for a smaller breed. A senior dog has reached maturity and is more vulnerable to injuries, illness and disease. Many senior dog health problems are eased through proper care.

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    Sheral Lynn

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    gspal New Member

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    Do not vaccinate senior dogs less they have autoimmune disorders. For the fact do not vaccinate an adult dog regardless of what your brainwashed vet states. Distemper antivirus can lead to degenerative radiculomyelopathy. Are humans vaccinated every year with what they got at birth or as young children?

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